Get Resources for Continued Care and Long Term Recovery at Hygea Healthcare

Going through detoxification and achieving sobriety doesn’t necessarily mean treatment should end.

Aftercare is an ongoing treatment program that can help you or a loved one maintain sobriety and continued recovery. Hygea Aftercare offers a variety of resources to help you continue regaining your health and successfully support your return to your community.

Do you or a loved one need assistance returning to a life without substances after completing any level of care, whether it be IOP or OP?

Hygea can give you the support you need to get your life back on track after battling substance abuse. At Hygea, we partner with trusted people and organizations in the community to offer various services to help you recover and rebuild the life you deserve to live.

With our help, you can:

  • Overcome substance abuse disorder and reclaim your life
  • Receive comprehensive resources and life skills that you need to succeed in the community
  • Maintain your recovery at one of our substance abuse treatment programs and feel like a whole person again

Learn more about aftercare services at Hygea today and reclaim your life while maintaining sobriety.

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What We Offer:

  1. We help you maintain sobriety after completing intensive outpatient programs (IOP) and outpatient programs (OP).
  2. Gain access to a wide variety of services and support to ensure success in the community at our recovery center.
  3. Engage in weekly individual and group sessions, with family services as needed.
  4. Get connected to necessary services such as sober living houses, health services, transportation, childcare, vocational training, employment, education, legal aid, and financial assistance.
  5. As a community-based treatment program, we rely on our relationships with other entities to provide these necessary services that are key to your success.

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About Hygea Aftercare

Hygea provides the necessary support and services to help individuals recover from substance abuse and re-enter society.

For continued support and encouragement, we connect our clients to appropriate resources, including support groups and mental health services, such as group and individual therapy. Our weekly group and individual therapy sessions provide structure and support, while our family services help loved ones understand substance abuse and how to best support you in your recovery. We believe the key to lasting addiction recovery lies in access to recovery resources and ongoing therapy.

Our comprehensive approach and exceptional clinical services give our clients the best chance at successful addiction recovery. If you or a loved one have completed any level of care and are interested in continued support, contact us today to learn more about our Aftercare program and services.

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