Hygea Healthcare’s comprehensive Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program provides services and support to individuals who meet the criteria for various levels of care in both inpatient settings at our location in Middle River and community settings at our Belair location.

To treat substance use disorder, we offer an individualized biopsychosocial approach that considers the interconnection between biology, physiology, psychology, and socio-environmental factors. The recovery process involves a full range of detoxification from substances, counseling, peer support services, and housing. Another critical component to treatment at Hygea is a team approach to recovery, utilizing medical providers, clinically trained and licensed staff, robust peer support, and a peer recovery program. Peer support is crucial to the success of each individual in treatment, providing a guide through the recovery process and assisting each client in their motivation and achievement of treatment and recovery milestones.

The Hygea Healthcare philosophy is that people using drugs or alcohol are still responsible for their actions. With treatment, that person can learn to make positive life choices and abstain from drugs and alcohol. Recovery isn’t just about ending substance use but also about rebuilding relationships with family and friends, securing employment, resolving outstanding legal issues, and identifying positive recreational activities. These are all critical aspects of our programs.

Inpatient Detox

Inpatient treatment and detox services are designed for individuals who have shown physical and psychological dependence on a substance.

  • Detoxing involves ridding the body of toxic and addictive substances under medical supervision.
  • Many people seek detox when at risk of withdrawal symptoms from drugs or alcohol.
  • Various medications are used during detox to decrease cravings and alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

We offer medical detox and inpatient services at our Hygea@Middle River location. Medical detox typically lasts 7-10 days. Leaning on our holistic approach to recovery, clients have the opportunity to participate in yoga, meditation, diet management, and healthy eating, in addition to more traditional group and individual counseling.

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Community Residential

Community Residential services are most suitable for those individuals who:

  • require safe and sober housing in addition to counseling support
  • they are in early recovery and would benefit from a structured living environment
  • need assistance in developing routines to maintain recovery

Community Residential treatment is offered at our Hygea@Belair location. On average, individuals live in our therapeutic community for five months, receive five hours of counseling each week, and are supported by our peer counseling program.

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Outpatient services are the most suitable treatment program for individuals who:

  • have recently been referred to the program from a more intensive treatment
  • have a less severe substance use disorder that does not require an inpatient level of services
  • are or have been stable for an extended period of time

Outpatient services are offered daily in our Hygea@Belair location and individuals generally attend one session per week. We offer individual, group, and family sessions on a schedule that can work around a clients work or school obligations.

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Intensive Outpatient

Intensive outpatient services are for those who require more support than traditional outpatient services and are most suitable for individuals who:

  • have recently completed a more intensive inpatient program
  • have a moderate substance use disorder
  • they are in the early stages of recovery and need regular check-ins and additional support to stay in recovery

Intensive outpatient services are offered in our Hygea@Belair location. Individuals attend group and individual counseling sessions for 9 hours per week. We offer flexible scheduling to accommodate work and school obligations if needed.

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